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Offices in Washington, DC: designing for security and privacy

WeWork takes security, safety, and privacy very seriously, especially in Washington, DC, where law firms, lobbyists, government contractors, and trade associations make up the majority of mid-size and enterprise companies. In fact, many DC professional services firms have privacy and security clauses built into their client contracts.

In order to win the business of highly-regulated companies or those dealing with confidential subject matter, we needed to offer modifications to our signature open-air floor plans and glass conference room designs. So, we conducted research with prospective and existing WeWork clients to understand their exact needs.

We need to see the private offices and how our space could be cordoned off such that when clients come and go, we can keep an appropriate level of discretion. We can’t have the dynamic of each meeting– or even disclosure of what meetings are happening–easily visible to passersby.

Prospective law firm tenant // Berland Research Study, January 2019

As it turns out, WeWork’s existing office solutions–move-in private offices with shared amenities, entire floors in white-labeled buildings with private amenities–can easily be configured with features for customers who need added layers of privacy. These optional add-ons include:

  • Soundproofing for some or all conference rooms
  • Privacy vinyls, shutters, and/or windowless conference rooms
  • Dedicated work stations
  • Designated areas where key cards are required for entry
  • Private entry and exit doors
  • Private, secure wifi networks
  • Locked, private server rooms

Alternatively, we offer fully custom build-outs in WeWork-managed buildings or renovations to customer-owned real estate.

Furthermore, every WeWork office is physically secured using a combination of technology and operational staff. Our standard security measures include: 

  • ID-verified digital guest check-in
  • Keycard entry to building, elevators, and offices suites/private floors
  • Well-lit parking lots and garages
  • Locked cubbies, private lockers, and locked offices
  • Secure building access after hours and on weekends
  • Building security monitoring

Additionally, WeWork customers can opt into added security features like:

  • Staffed reception desk
  • Private security guards
  • Turnstile entry
  • Video surveillance / CCTV
  • Storage for confidential files

WeWork tenant Will Mount is a partner and attorney with del Cuadro-Zimmerman & Mount, PLLC in DC. About WeWork’s office security and privacy, he says “At the 777 6th Street NW location, the security level is excellent.  In order to access our office, we’re required to go through two separate secured doors as well as have locked access to our office.  Furthermore, our clients are welcomed by front desk staff, where they must scan their identification card or enter their information.  I am very satisfied with WeWork security, in fact, I think any further security would be duplicative and unnecessary.“

I am very satisfied with WeWork security, in fact, I think any further security would be duplicative and unnecessary.

Will Mount – Partner, del Cuadro-Zimmerman & Mount, PLLC

WeWork client, Thomas Goldstein, a partner at DC’s Cogent Law, describes the emotional privacy of his firm’s space in this way, “We have a great deal of privacy and security at WeWork, which is very important to us, as we are a law firm that deals with highly sensitive subject matter. In addition to our office space, the numerous conference rooms provide private, secure places to have conversations on highly confidential subjects.”

One added benefit for tenants in these highly-secure WeWork spaces is professionals from similar industries are also drawn to them. Attorney Will Mount says, “There are multiple law firms in the space, which is nice to be able to work with colleagues.  We also find the common areas excellent for hosting receptions.”

Beyond security, these secure WeWork spaces in DC and beyond provide all of the perks tenants love including location, location, location! Again from Will Mount, “This location is excellent in that it is closer to DC Superior Court, has parking, and the office, in general, is cleaner as well as more professional looking than our prior office.”  Cogent Law Partner, Thomas Goldstein, agrees. “The space is much newer and more appealing to our clients. It’s also in a much nicer building. The location is fantastic, with its proximity to multiple metro lines and central location,” says Goldstein. 

WeWork absolutely conveys the right image for our business.

Thomas Goldstein – Partner, Cogent Law Group

And fundamentally, WeWork’s DC spaces offer that wow space design factor that appeals to our tenants across the board. Will Mount calls it “hip but professional.” Thomas Goldstein says, “WeWork absolutely conveys the right image for our business. Cogent Law Group is a dynamic law firm with a highly innovative business model which allows us to offer our clients rates well below our competitors. Many of our clients are startups involved in cutting edge technologies. Everything about WeWork, from its staff, to its space, to its design helps reinforce the image that we want to convey as a firm.” 

What’s next in WeWork security and privacy services? Look for biometrics and more coming soon. Talk to us today!